Mythbuster: It Never Snows in Florida

Florida is one of the top winter destinations for people seeking warm, sunny weather during the colder months of the year. People want to avoid the snow and flock to Florida’s warm weather and sunshine. While it is true, Florida has one of the warmest climates in the United States, it is not immune from winter events. Florida has a history of more than a few snow and freeze events.

Freeze events are much more common than snow events in Florida. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information State Climate Summary 2022, northern Florida experiences more than 20 below freezing nights, while some areas of southern Florida experience 0 days below freezing.

Florida experience most types of winter precipitation including snow flurries, snow showers, sleet, freezing rain, and hail. The graphic above shows how these types of winter events are formed in the atmosphere. As you can see, the different layers of temperatures in the atmosphere cause the varying types of winter precipitation. Due to higher temperatures in the atmosphere above Florida, we are more likely to see instances of sleet or hail. In fact the last winter precipitation in Florida was actually right here in Brevard County. On December 26th, 2022, many Brevard County residents saw instances of sleet.

Snow, on the other hand, is harder to come by in Florida, but NOT impossible. There are many instances over the years of snow falling in Florida. According to Florida State University’s Climate Center, “Since 1886, there have been more than 80 months in which at least a trace of snow has been reported somewhere in the state.” Majority of these instances of snow occur in northern Florida, however there have been reports of snow in central Florida, even going as far south as Miami where it’s front page news! So in conclusion, YES, it snows in Florida.


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