Pay Assessment

Pay Your Assessment

For your convenience, CVCA assessments can be paid using the following methods:

  • After receiving your invoice, you can remit payment via US Mail with a check to the address on your statement:

Central Viera Community Association, Inc.
PO Box 411720
Melbourne, FL 32941

  • You can pay your assessment in person at Fairway Management's office using a check, credit card, or cash.  In order to use a credit card, there is a small processing fee for this service.

Fairway Management of Brevard, Inc.
1331 Bedford Drive, Suite 103
Melbourne, FL 32940

  • Pay Your Assessments Online: 

CVCA has contracted with a third-party payment processing vendor to allow you to pay your assessment online with your credit card.  There will be a small processing fee for this service. CLICK HERE to access the payment portal. 

Payment Tips

  • Your CVCA regular assessment is due January 1st.  Please pay assessment by the due date on your statement.  Payments received after that time are subject to a $20.00 late charge.
  • Interest will charged on any account older than 90 days past due.  The account is also sent to CVCA's collection attorney and an Intent to Lien Notice will be sent.
  • If payment is not sent within 45 days of the Intent to Lien Notice, a Claim of Lien is filed.  Homeowner will be responsible for all attorneys fees associated with collecting the past due assessment.