What is a homeowners' association (HOA)?

An HOA is a not-for-profit corporation created by a real estate developer to manage and maintain a neighborhood or community.  Control of the HOA eventually transfers from the developer to a volunteer Board of Directors made up of HOA members (homeowners).  Membership in the HOA(s) is mandatory.  With the purchase of your home, you have agreed to become a member and to comply with all recorded Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) for your particular neighborhood.  You may also live in an area with multiple HOA's such as Viera which has Master Associations and Neighborhood/District Associations. 

What is a Community Development District (CDD)?

A Community Development District is a local unit of special purpose government created to provide for the long-term, specific needs of its residents. Created pursuant to Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, a CDD's main powers are to plan, finance, construct, operate, and maintain community-wide infrastructure and services specifically for the benefit of its residents.  Within the entire Viera area, there are only two CDDs - Heritage Isle CDD and Viera East CDD.

What is the Viera Stewardship District (VSD)?

The Viera Stewardship District (VSD) is a local unit of special purpose government created by Special Act of Florida Legislature (Ch. 2006-360; F.S. Chapter 189).  The VSD covers an area measuring 13,442 acres and has responsibilities including, but not limited to, the maintenance and management of certain areas such as stormwater, aquatic weed control, Preferred Cover Type (PCT) tree maintenance, street lighting and environmental conservation (Viera Wilderness Park) within its boundaries.   

How do I pay my assessments?

Each HOA is responsible for the billing and collection of its assessments. Because you live in an area with multiple HOA's, you will have multiple invoices/charges to pay. Check with the management company providing these services to your association for your specific billing cycles. Assessments may be collected monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending upon which associations you belong to. The Central Viera Community Association, Inc. (CVCA), your master association, invoices annually for assessments and these assessments are due each January 1st.  For CVCA, go HERE to learn more about making a payment.

If I notice a deed violation in my neighborhood, what do I do?

Call the management company hired by your association to enforce the covenants and discuss the issue with a professional community association manager. Often times, there are behaviors or activities that we want the HOA to act upon; however, this does not necessarily mean that a violation of the covenants has occurred. Furthermore, your association may have adopted rules or policies that work in conjunction with the covenants that may refine or add more clarity to the enforcement process. Each association is different in its approach to enforcement so a conversation with your association manager should provide you with enough guidance on how to handle a specific issue.

How do I report a maintenance issue in an HOA park or common area?

Contact your association's management company.  For CVCA, this is Fairway Management of Brevard, Inc. 

Am I allowed to make changes or improve the exterior of my home including landscaping?

All exterior modifications to your home requires approval from your neighborhood/district HOA or CVCA.  This includes, but is not limited to, painting your home or front door, adding a porch or lanai, adding a fence, building any kind of shade structure or pergola or building a pool.  For landscaping, there are some instances where approval may not be required.  Replacing dead plants or adding plants to an existing bed does not require approval.  However, larger projects such as adding trees or significantly changing the footprint of your current landscaping beds do require approval.  It is best to always check with your management company first - before you purchase project supplies or do any work outside your home.  Otherwise, the expense to remove or change your modification can be a very costly mistake.

Who do I contact if I want to make a modification request?

Always start with your management company - they will point you in the right direction.  Depending upon which neighborhood you live in, the modifications approval may be with your neighborhood/district association or the approval may be with the master association (CVCA). There is a modification form for CVCA under How Do I? on the main menu.

Are garage/yard sales allowed in Viera?

Garage/yard sale rules are specific to each neighborhood/district.  There are some that allow it (with approval from the association) and some that do not allow any time of garage/yard sale.  There may also be only designated times during the year where you can participate in a neighborhood/district-wide yard sale.  Contact your association manager for the rules in your specific neighborhood.

How do I find out my irrigation schedule?

The regulations governing irrigation vary throughout all of Viera.  The schedule for your home depends on the source of irrigation water for your neighborhood.  Irrigation restrictions apply to water withdrawn from the ground (wells) or from  surface water.  Where reclaimed water is available, individual irrigation wells are not permitted.  Click here to visit the St. Johns River Water Management District webpage regarding irrigation restrictions and for more information on the rules and regulation governing irrigation.  For many areas in Viera, the irrigation source is reclaimed water and Viera is served by the Brevard County Utilities Department.  Please visit their website for more information regarding the use of reclaimed water for an irrigation water source. 

Is Viera a city/town?

No.  Viera is a community in the unincorporated area of Brevard County. 

When will Viera get its own post office?

Over the past few years, post offices all over the country have been closing due to the use of the internet and email instead of mailing items, which has decreased the demand for USPS services and locations.  While there have been requests and discussions over the years on bringing a post office location to Viera, the decision ultimately will have to be determined by USPS based on current volumes and demand.  For your personal mail handling, USPS Post Offices are organized by zip codes - not necessarily by cities or communities.  Therefore, you are not required to use "Rockledge" (32955 zip code) or "Melbourne" (32940 zip code) on your mailed items - you can use "Viera", even though you live in a zip code where the post office is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of those cities.  Since the post office only looks at the postal code for delivery purposes, we can all proudly use "Viera" as our hometown.

I was told that the Viera Roundabout was created to preserve the tree in the center. Is that true?

Although this has been a long standing rumor in Viera, no, this is not true. The centerpiece tree in the roundabout was relocated to this location as an aesthetic enhancement for the circle.