Get Modification Approval?

The need for modification approval of a homesite is one of the most frequently asked questions in HOA management.  The simple answer is .... always ask before doing anything on the exterior of your home.  While many people believe they would rather ask for forgiveness than permission to make a modification, this could be a very, very costly mistake.  In most neighborhoods, you need approval for any exterior modification, including landscaping.  Even when painting your home or just your front door, there are rules and regulations regarding the color so always make sure you go through the appropriate process.

In Central Viera, the modification approval process could belong with your Neighborhood/District Association or it could be managed by CVCA, your master association.  The modifications approval/disapproval authority may be delegated to Neighborhood/District Associations if they request it after the Association has transferred over to resident control.  This authority is not given unless requested and only when the Association is ready to take control with the appropriate committees and procedures in place.  So, the best place to start when requesting a modification if you are not sure who is the responsible authority is CVCA (Fairway Management).  They will know who manages your modification requests and can point you in the right direction or process your modification request.

If you know CVCA is the modifications authority for your neighborhood/district, you can download the application below to start the process or contact Fairway Management if you have questions about the process.  Remember, each District/Neighborhood is different, so CVCA may be just he starting point.

For commercial properties within CVCA, approval to make modifications to the exterior of your business, including signage, is also required.  There are specific, non-residential design guidelines that apply to Viera businesses that are evaluated during the construction and/or modification process.  There may also be location specific requirements and approval processes such as those required by your commercial property management company, commercial/property developer or other managing entity.  If you have any question as to whether or not your modification requires CVCA approval, please contact Fairway Management (contact information below).

Community Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The Community Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviews all requests for modifications to homes and lots after the original lot construction/improvements.  The ARC encourages tasteful and aesthetically pleasing architectural design consistent with the existing structures and landscaping with the various Central Viera Districts and Neighborhoods.  The ARC is concerned with the impact of any improvement to the surrounding neighbors and property.

To complete an application, the homeowner must submit:

  1.  A completed application form. Download Form.
  2.  A detailed scale drawing, construction plans, or final survey as appropriate, of the improvement (i.e. room addition, screen enclosure, landscape redesign, etc.).  See specific requirements on ARC form.
  3.  A thorough description of the changes proposed will facilitate the ARC in arriving at a decision, thereby expediting your application.

The review process may take up to a month, but every effort is made to accommodate the desire of the homeowners to “get on with their project”.

Thank you for your application, which can be dropped off, faxed, mailed or emailed to:

Central Viera ARC
c/o Tom Dillon, Fairway Management
1331 Bedford Drive, Suite 103
Melbourne, Florida 32940
Fax: 321-777-4646

The ARC meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM via Zoom.  Due to scheduling conflicts, the June ARC meeting will be held on June 12, 2024 at 10:00am.

To attend the ARC meeting, you can join at Only applicants will be allowed public comment on their specific ARC application.

Please note: ARC approval is superseded by all applicable County building and zoning ordinances.  Please be advised that you are responsible for obtaining any required Brevard County permits and insuring that your plans do not violate any applicable County building codes.


Definitions - Who Does What?

Community Architectural Review Committee or ARC:  CVCA's ARC refers to the committee established by the Community Declaration responsible for approving all modifications to units after the initial construction is complete and a certificate of occupancy (CO) is issued for the residence on a unit by Brevard County until such time as the MRC for the District/Neighborhood is established.

Modification Review Committee or MRC:  An MRC is a committee of a District/Neighborhood Association appointed by the Board of Directors for the District/Neighborhood Association, which is charged with approving modifications to the units after the initial construction of the residence on any unit is completed and a CO is issued by Brevard County.

Plan Review Committee or PRC:  The Plan Review Committee (PRC) is the committee of Community Declarant, which has been established to conduct the review, approval or disapproval of construction improvements within the District/Neighborhood Area in accordance with the Community Declaration.  All new construction within Central Viera must be approved by the PRC.