Board of Directors

The CVCA Board of Directors is responsible for the affairs of the Community Association including its administration, management, operation, regulation, care, maintenance, repair, restoration, replacement, preservation and protection of the common areas. The Board is also responsible for preparing and adopting annual budgets, setting and collecting assessments, ensuring the care and upkeep of the common areas, making and amending any rules or policies necessary for the operation of the Association, entering into contracts and enforcing the Community Declaration.

Currently, the Community Association is under Class “B” (Developer) control and all Board members are appointed by the Community Declarant (The Viera Company). Your current CVCA Board members are:

Eva M. Rey, President
Vice President of Community Management & Communications
The Viera Company

Benjamin E. Wilson, Vice-President/Secretary
Associate Corporate Counsel
The Viera Company

Shawn J. O’Keefe, Treasurer
Senior Accountant
The Viera Company