President’s Corner – December 2023 – Family Time

I am not going to bore you with HOA stuff this month. I have to deal with HOAs almost every day of the year so, believe me, I understand how it can become a bit tedious and stressful at times. Sometimes you just want to step outside your normal, everyday routine and do something a little different. So, that is what I am going to do with this month’s President’s Corner!

My son, new grandbaby, and daughter-in-law live very, very far away in Japan. While I am already someone who appreciates family and getting together at special moments, I think them living so far away has really driven the point home with me – love and cherish your family all the time. Bring your family together whenever you can and really appreciate the time you spend with them. And, I don’t mean tolerate your time with them or see it as an obligation, I mean really cherish and appreciate that time. We are not guaranteed a certain amount of years on this planet and you, me, and our loved ones can be gone in an instant.

I lead a fairly busy and hectic life and I haven’t always taken this view. My work was my life and I am kind of a Type-A person when it comes to work and career. However, now with precious family so far away, I savor each contact and I clear time to chat whenever I can (the time difference can be a challenge though!). This year, I am making the trip over to Japan over the holidays so I can meet my grandbaby for the very first time. As you can imagine, I am beyond excited as I have not seen my son in person since 2016. And, while technology makes the world a little smaller and easier for us to stay in touch, it just isn’t the same as a big, bear hug.

So, my challenge to each of you is to connect with family and friends this holiday season. Maybe reach out to someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Make a batch of cookies (or buy them at Publix!) and do a round of cookie deliveries. Plan a progressive dinner. Invite your family or friends over for a Christmas movie marathon and hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course!). Get a group together to volunteer at a local charity. Hop in the car with your family and drive around looking at holiday lights. Bake some tasty treats for your coworkers. Go caroling in your neighborhood – that is a tradition you don’t see much of these days! These are just some suggestions to get the creative juices going so you can plan a special holiday activity. The point is, bring your family and close ones together this season and let them know they are loved, appreciated, and a special part of your life.

In closing, from my family to yours, I wish each and every one of you an amazing holiday season with laughter, good food, love, and kindness. For me, I will be doing all of these things 7,300 miles away from Viera. But, never fear, I will be back with you all in 2024!

So, until next time, please remember … ” “Holidays – any holiday – are such a great opportunity to focus on bringing the family together.” – Lidia Bastianich

Eva M. Rey, President
Central Viera Community Association, Inc.