President’s Corner – September 2023 – Park Improvements

I am really excited to talk about what is happening at our CVCA parks. For quite a while, my team has been working to upgrade our parks’ play equipment to be more inclusive of all abilities. This idea originated from members of our Viera Resident Advisory Council, and it really sparked some great conversations and brainstorming. Over the next few months, you will start to see the construction/installation of the new equipment at the following parks:

North Solerno Park
• Drum Circle with 16 drums.
• Play panel with seats, sensory panels, imaginary play.

Eastwind Park
• 5 person see saw for users of all abilities.
• Arch Swing – accessible and sensory rich swing.
• Sensory Wave Seat – A freestanding play activity for children of all abilities with high back molded sensory seat with handles and front pommel design that helps children maintain a neutral body position while spinning.
• Inchworm – easy to climb.
• Butterfly – easy to climb.

Westwind Park
• Entirely new playground structure – transfer platform, slides, climbers, tunnels, sensory panels, drums.
• Honeycomb – set of 3 honeycomb tunnels and climbers.
• Toddler swing and toddler/expression swing – the expression swing has a seat for parent/child connected with a toddler seat so parent/toddler swing together facing each other.
• New benches creating a gathering space under the shade structure.

Prado Vista Park
• Sensory and play panels with bench.
• Sensory Dome – a mix of materials, along with the varied routes of travel while climbing make this a versatile climber.
• Swing set – expression swing (child/child or child/parent), belt swing, toddler swing, expression swing (parent/toddler or child/toddler).
• Drums – 4 drums.
• Spin with me (merry go round) – accessible level for mobility transfer, additional postural support.

La Roca Park
• 2-5 year olds – ADA accessible playground with slides, drums, sensory panels.
• Frog – statue, easy to climb.
• Sensory Wave Seat.
• Sensory Wave Arch – Climber that allows children of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of climbing while enhancing sensory development with molded-in grips, hand holds, and transfer area.
• Shade over new playground.
• Nature discovery table – One-piece, rotationally molded table features tactile raised designs that illustrate the life stages of frogs, butterflies, plants, and animals.

I hope you and your family get years of enjoyment out of these park improvements. But, as a note of caution, keep in mind that there will be construction activity at all of these parks when the installation begins so please use extreme caution when visiting our parks.

So, until next time, please remember … “Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists, it is making a new space, a better space for everyone.” – George Dei

Eva M. Rey, President
Central Viera Community Association, Inc.