President’s Corner – March 2017 – Daylight Savings

It’s almost here!! That time when the daylight lingers for a little bit longer affording us the opportunity to spend more time outside in the evenings. For a kid, this is the best time to squeeze in just one more race around the block before the family dinner. When I was young, it was all about catching fireflies in mason jars and using them as flashlights.

Now, as an adult, the start of Daylight Savings Time is a harbinger of “Spring Cleaning” and a good reminder to perform some basic checks and maintenance activities around the house that we normally don’t think about.  So, on March 12th, here are some tips/tricks to guide you:

• Test/Check your smoke detectors. If you have battery operated smoke detectors, change your batteries.

• Make sure your first aid kit and supplies are up-to-date. Spending more time outside means more scraped knees so this a good time to get your kit in order.

• Update your family’s fire escape plan and do a practice drill.

• Check your flashlights to make sure they are working and you have spare batteries.

• Flip and/or rotate your mattress to help prevent wear and tear.

• Replace your HVAC air filters. You should have actually been doing this all year long, but, if you haven’t, this is a perfect time to start of spring with fresh filters.

• Go through your medicine cabinet and discard any expired or discolored products. Dispose of any prescription medication that is no longer needed (but do not flush it down the toilet!). Go to to learn how to properly dispose of medications.

• Go through your food pantry and dispose of any expired, stale or opened foods.

So, until next time, please remember … “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up