President’s Corner – June 2023 – Don’t Wait for a Board Meeting!

Let’s talk about HOA management companies. First and foremost, June 13th was International Community Association Manager Day and we have some great Community Association Managers (CAMs) in Viera. They are very deserving of their own recognition day as the job they do is very difficult and thankless. They certainly get more people yelling at them than they get complimenting them. So, if you have a chance, make sure you let them know that you appreciate them. You may not always agree with them and you might even get frustrated with the bureaucracy of HOA processes every now and again, but, CAMs work very hard to make sure your neighborhood runs smoothly.

The inspiration for this particular President’s Corner came to me last week at an HOA Board meeting. A particular resident complained that their issues could not be addressed because there hadn’t been a recent board meeting for them to attend and report their concerns. Huh? This absolutely boggles my mind. Do not wait for a Board meeting! The job of your CAM is to literally address questions and concerns on a daily basis. They are more aware of the day-to-day issues and they are tasked by the Board of Directors to address them. If one truly wants to have a concern addressed timely and efficiently, the best way to do that is to discuss it with the CAM. There are some issues that can be resolved immediately just by an email or a phone call. Of course, there are certain issues that do need to be discussed at the Board level. However, your first stop should always be your CAM. Even if you are not sure who is responsible for a certain issue, they are and can help.

CAMs are responsible for the fiscal management of your HOA, enforcing the governing documents, common area maintenance, they are the record keepers, they deal with vendors/providers, handle big and small repair activities, inspections, getting bids, managing contracts, and responding to emergency situations. Really, anything that an HOA needs to do falls under their area of responsibility.  It only makes sense to contact them first for any question or concern you might have.

Finally, if you want to learn more about Viera (and even HOAs), make sure you register for my Viera Resident Orientation class. We cover just about every possible facet of life in Viera and is packed full of materials and information. You can find upcoming dates here: . Unfortunately, the June class is full, but we still have a few seats in July and beyond.

So, until next time, please remember … “Above all else, treat those in the community like how you want to be treated.” – Anonymous

Eva M. Rey, President
Central Viera Community Association, Inc.