What is Viera Resident Orientation?

Viera Resident Orientation

The Viera Resident Orientation is a two-and-a-half-hour class developed to inform Viera residents about various topics related to Viera. The Viera Resident Orientation was created in order to educate the community on all things Viera such as the history, governance structure, and lifestyle topics. Whether you are brand new to the area or have lived here over 20 years, you will learn something new about Viera.

Created and hosted by Eva Rey (Vice President, Community Management & Communications), the class goes through the past, present, and future of Viera, along with tons of other information you’d want to know living here. Beginning with the Duda family and the creation of the Viera Master Plan, the orientation dives in to where we are currently in our masterplan along with current statistics and future plans. Another big topic discussed will be the varying governing entities such as the county government, HOA’s, management companies, etc. It is important to know what agency is responsible for certain services so that residents know who to contact. Another big portion of the Viera Resident Orientation discusses the lifestyle in Viera. Eva talks about anything from new businesses, parks, the environment, even golf carts!

All around, attending this orientation is beneficial for all residents, regardless of how long you have lived here. Our CVCA website contains the schedule for Resident Orientation, which the link is listed below. All classes are held at the Addison Village Club, 8150 Stadium Parkway, Viera, Florida 32940.  For more information or to RSVP for the class, please call Hunter Parviainen at (321) 242-1200, extension 4525 or by email at hunter.parviainen@duda.com.



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