Changes in Florida Spring Gardening

April showers bring May flowers, so let’s start planting now, everyone’s learning how! Spring is here which means warmer weather, more rain, and for some, it is the optimal time for gardening! As we approach summer, now is the time to switch to warm-weather plants.


The United States Department of Agriculture has established certain zones designating what plants grow best in certain climates. Brevard County recently changed hardiness zones, or planting zones. Mainland Brevard County is now in planting zone 10; previously Brevard County was 9b. What does this mean for gardening? Zone 10 has warmer minimum temperatures compared to 9b, however the warmer temperature also extends the growing period for plants, and adds a new variety of plants to be grown (more tropical and subtropical plants).


More tropical and subtropical plants can now be planted in Brevard County and thrive! Aloe plants work as a great indoor or outdoor plant that can add some dimension to your landscape. Azaleas are brightly colored flowers that are perfect for Brevard’s climate! Hibiscus plants are another flowering plant with a range of bright colored flowers that could bloom. Orchids, petunias and verbena are other flowering plants that thrive in Brevard County. For more information on the best plants for your area, check out the website below.


General Spring Gardening Tips:


Check Irrigation System – As we leave the dry season, it is important to know how much water your plants are getting and that your soil is well irrigated. Another irrigation tip is to make sure all your sprinkler heads are functioning properly before the season starts. Make sure none are clogged or facing your driveway instead of your lawn / garden.


Attract Wildlife – Butterflies, birds, and dragonflies flocking to your garden will help with pollination and keeping certain pest populations under control. Plant flowers that attract butterflies and maybe add a bird feeder to your yard!


Plant Fruit / Vegetable Gardens – Citrus trees and watermelon are perfect summer fruits to start planting now. Beans, radishes, and summer squash are perfect for this time of year as well. Be sure to check with your HOA to see which plants are allowed in your neighborhood!


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