President’s Corner – July 2018 – Fireworks

If there is one ordinance/law that has always had the most flagrant and pervasive violations throughout my career in public service, it would have to be the illegal display of fireworks. And, I really do get it. They are fun, fascinating and awe-inspiring. They are also dangerous, illegal without the proper permits and a nuisance to many pets and animals, both wild and domestic. We also get mixed messages about what we can and can’t do. Look at all of the places that sell fireworks around here. But, we are citizens of Brevard County and we need to know what the law is regarding fireworks.

The Brevard County Ordinance regulating the display of fireworks can be found here: Brevard County Fireworks Ordinance . I am not going to post the entire ordinance language within this article as each of you can read it in your own time. However, I will point out the most pertinent section.

Sec. 10-188. – Use of fireworks.
No person or entity shall use, explode, or store, fireworks in the county, unless:
(1) The person or entity first obtains an appropriate county permit for the public display of fireworks or pyrotechnics in accordance with this article.

That seems pretty clear, right? Then let’s try to have a LEGAL and safe 4th of July holiday this year. Oh, and one last thing. We have had a real issue in previous years with residents bringing their fireworks to the Viera parks. This has caused a great deal of damage to the parks and to the surrounding homes, especially lanai screens. So, this year in addition to the signs indicating that fireworks are prohibited in the parks, we have also hired law enforcement to ensure these rules are being followed. So, all CVCA and VECA parks in Viera will be patrolled for the purpose of making sure this activity does not take place on Master HOA properties. Fair warning.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that fireworks are returning to Viera in the form of the Great American Celebration.  With the renovations to the stadium last year, we could not have our beloved annual event.  But, the fireworks are back this year and better than ever.  Check here for details:  Great American Celebration .

So, until next time, please remember … “Laughter is the fireworks of the soul.” (Josh Billings).

Eva M. Rey, President
Central Viera Community Association, Inc.